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it's not just a condiment; It's a celebration of joy, whimsy & the pure delight found in life's sweetest moments.

At Sparkle & Honey, we embark on a sweet journey to infuse magic into every moment. As a women-owned company nestled in the thriving heart of the Pacific Northwest, our mission is to craft a unique experience that transcends the ordinary, one sparkling jar of honey at a time. 


We believe in the magic of simple pleasures and the power of a genuine smile. Our honey, adorned with the enchantment of sparkling mica, is not just a condiment; it's a celebration of joy, whimsy, and the pure delight found in life's sweetest moments. 


We couple our magic mission with an equally strong commitment to quality, sourcing the finest ingredients and ensuring each jar is a tribute to the artistry of nature and the passion of our craft. 


Join us in savoring the magic of Sparkle & Honey, where each golden drop is a testament to the belief that life is sweeter when we choose to MAKE MAGIC.

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