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Meet Daria and Katie...

the women behind Sparkle & Honey and co-founders of The Enchanted Hive. Their journey began in 2016 at an annual community mural-painting event where creative neighbors who believe in the power of the village converged to infuse color into the streets. Under the shadow of a cob beehive, serendipitously, and united by a shared passion for laughter, dogs, baking, and community, these two women became fast friends.

Daria, mother and owner of Freckle Farm, is a multifaceted creative force, bringing an unmatched artistic energy to the hive. Her imaginative spirit, cultivated through a background in film making and pottery, became the catalyst for the sparkling honey concept. Daria's ability to blend whimsy with an appreciation for the intricate beauty in life's simple moments is the reason for the joyful essence of their honey. Her commitment to creating experiences that resonate on a sensory and emotional level shape the identity of the Sparkle & Honey brand. 


man checking bee hive
Drawing of two bees drinking tea

Katie is the pragmatic force ensuring that every jar of Sparkle & Honey not only brings delight but meets the highest standards of quality and food safety. With several industry accreditations and an in-depth understanding of FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices, Katie navigates the complexities of the industry, ensuring that the product is not only fun, but also trustworthy. Her dedication to upholding ethical and regulatory standards guarantees that Sparkle & Honey is a brand customers can rely on. 


United by their complementary skills and a shared vision of bringing joy to their community, Daria and Katie's sparkling honey venture is a testament to the magic that happens when friendship, creativity, and business acumen join forces. Together, they've turned a chance encounter at a mural-painting event into a sweet success story that reflects the vibrant spirit of Portland and the warmth of a community bound by the simple joys of life. 

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